Scanner Spain was founded in 1998 as the official importer of SCANNER Ribs in Spain. Since then, our business has evolved from the simple distribution of small tenders, to be part of the production chain, carrying out the final assembly of all our boats and the sale of models up to 58 feet.

The satisfaction of our customers is above all else and goes beyond selling one of our boats. Our goal as a company focuses on the experience of owning a SCANNER Rib and aims to create a long-term relationship with all our customers. For this, we offer a complete after-sales service that includes:



Custody (in our warehouse of more than 1600 m2)


Warranty service

Transport service

Customer service


The arrival of the SCANNER 590 with her lines and futuristic technical solutions, created to satisfy the needs of a market looking for a new product, combining the comfort and design of a boat with the practicality and safety of a dinghy, truly revolutionized the nautical world.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years and successful collaboration with some of the most famous boat engine manufacturers, SCANNER soon after became an important reference point for the boat industry, in terms of design and innovation.

The drafts, drawings and hull fittings are the result of years of research, testing the products in all sorts of conditions and in the most extreme adverse weather conditions, enabling Scanner to select the very best construction materials and technologies so that the final product achieves perfect harmony with the marine environment.

The construction of these boats have evolved into the perfect combination of design, speed, functionality, versatility and navigational safety, whilst fully respecting the physical laws that must be dealt with when nature displays its full force to those who dare to challenge her.

SCANNER is recognized for producing high-quality boats, characterized by original design and excellent seaworthiness

Made in ITALY with PASSION